About Us
LMF Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ng Soon Huat.

Drawing on many years of business experience and the spirit of challenge, he bravely stepped out of the comfort circle and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship.
In recent years, the global environment has undergone tremendous changes such as the global warming issues and reduction in resources.

Environmental awareness is on the rise and consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection.
With the changes in the environment, the increased in price and cost of resources has become a nightmare for all consumers.

With this in mind our Acparts brand new power generators can now offer better fuel consumption and provides energy saving solutions to customers with less impact on the environment.

Mr. Ng always listened to consumers concern, he had studied, analysed and in helping consumers to save energy and electricity further for all their air compressor equipment as well.
Coincidently Mr. Ng is concerned with the Synchronizing technology and is working on how to apply this special technology to his ACParts air compressor products.

In 2012, Synchronizing technology was finally adopted and perfected thus enabling ACparts air compressor products to be linked to the other brands, saving customers unnecessary electricity bills simply by achieving energy saving without losing the performance required by customers.

Today, Mr. Ng leads a professional and excellent team and is constantly learning from the environment and continue bringing the highest quality and the top most professional service to our customers.
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